Chairman of STIE Ganesha Signs MoU with Huanyu International Education & Confucius School China

Jakarta– As a "kampus merdeka" (independent campus) committed to the "merdeka belajar" (independent learning) concept and transforming into a university, STIE Ganesha is continuously improving. The institution has been actively establishing partnerships with universities both domestically and internationally. In the previous year, several universities from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and as far as the Middle East and Turkey, signed MoUs with STIE Ganesha.

Today, Saturday, May 13, 2024, from 9:00 to 10:30 AM WIB, STIE Ganesha signed another MoU with universities and schools in China in the auditorium of the Ganesha campus. This partnership aims to explore more comprehensive collaboration in student and staff exchange programs, internships, job placements, research, and faculty exchanges between the two educational institutions.

In his inspiring opening speech, the chairman of STIE Ganesha, Prof. Dr. Joned, warmly welcomed the delegation from Huanyu International Education and Confucius School. He emphasized the importance of collaboration to develop and nurture competitive and superior human resources.

"Welcome to the STIE Ganesha campus to all the delegates. We appreciate this partnership for the benefit and development of education to produce outstanding and competitive graduates. Innovation and leaps forward must continue to be built to produce graduates with the necessary skills. This model aligns with the 'merdeka belajar' curriculum in the 'kampus merdeka'," he stated.

The Chinese delegation included Mr. Wei Shindong, Mr. Zhong Baoguo, Mr. Yan Yuhua, Mr. He Yin Tang, Mrs. Lilian, and Dr. Raihan. Representing STIE Ganesha were the Chairman, Vice Chairpersons I, II, and III, high school and vocational school principals, along with thirty-five students participating in internships at partner companies in Indonesia.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Garaha Ganesha Education Foundation (YPGG) and the Aldiana Nusantara Education Foundation (YAN) also expressed their appreciation for the student exchange and internship placement partnership as a realization of the 'merdeka' curriculum.

"If there is agreement from both countries, Aldiana is ready to receive 10 students from Beijing. We will soon coordinate with the relevant agencies regarding their student visas. We have prepared dormitory buildings, and we will present the 35 students who are ready to be interviewed and placed in Chinese companies in the country," they explained.