On the Occasion of Eid al-Adha, This Lecturer Engages in Community Service at Baiturrahmah Legoso Mosque

Ciputat Timur, South Tangerang – On Saturday, June 15, 2024, lecturers and students from STIE Ganesha conducted a community service activity with the theme "Proper and Healthy Management of Sacrificial Animals." This event was held at Baiturrahman Mosque, Jl. Legoso Raya No. 31B, Rt 06 Rw 07, Pisangan Village, East Ciputat District, South Tangerang City.

The purpose of this activity was to enhance the skills and knowledge of the community and the administrators of the Baiturrahman Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) in halal slaughtering practices, as well as the management of packaging and processing of sacrificial meat. It is hoped that through this activity, the management of sacrificial animals at Baiturrahman Mosque can be improved to be more effective, efficient, and in accordance with prevailing religious and health norms.

Syarif Hidayatullah, S.Kom., M.Kom., MM, the Deputy Chairman III of STIE Ganesha, explained that the main objective of this activity was to provide practical knowledge and skills to the community and the administrators of the Baiturrahman Mosque DKM regarding the proper principles of halal slaughtering and meat processing. Additionally, this activity aimed to boost the local economy, particularly for the DKM administrators, by imparting knowledge and skills related to the management of sacrificial animals.

By gaining a deep understanding of halal slaughtering practices and sacrificial meat processing, it is hoped that the community can more optimally utilize the economic potential of the qurban worship.

Furthermore, according to the Community Service Coordinator, Tohiroh, SE., MM, this activity also aimed to increase community independence in performing qurban worship. By deeply understanding the procedures for Sharia-compliant slaughtering and good management of sacrificial meat, it is expected that the community can carry out this worship independently and in a structured manner. Moreover, this activity aims to strengthen the sense of unity, mutual cooperation, and collaboration among the community, especially in the context of qurban worship.

This community service activity targeted several groups, including the general public, the administrators of the Baiturrahman Mosque DKM, and lecturers of STIE Ganesha. The general public received education and training on proper and halal management of sacrificial animals. The Baiturrahman Mosque DKM administrators received enhanced knowledge and skills in halal slaughtering practices and the management of packaging and processing sacrificial meat.

Meanwhile, STIE Ganesha lecturers gained additional insights into the practical aspects of sacrificial animal management, which they can apply in teaching and community service.

The benefits of this activity include new knowledge for the community about the proper ways of halal slaughtering and sacrificial meat management in accordance with Islamic teachings, community empowerment through direct education and demonstrations, improved quality of sacrificial animal management by the Baiturrahman Mosque DKM, and the potential for positive economic impact for the community in the context of sacrificial animal management.

STIE Ganesha, which offers three study programs: S1 Management, S1 Accounting, and S2 Management, is committed to continuing to contribute to community development through various relevant and beneficial community service activities. Through this event, STIE Ganesha hopes to make a tangible contribution to enhancing community welfare and strengthening social solidarity in the surrounding environment.