Community Service by STIE Ganesha: Visit to Dimsum Production and Cricket Farming in Pamulang

South Tangerang– As part of their community service efforts, ten lecturers from the Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi (STIE) Ganesha visited the Dimsum Production and Cricket Farming locations in Pondok Benda, Pamulang, on Saturday, May 25, 2024.

This Community Service (PKM) activity was themed "Dimsum Production and Cricket Farming for Community Welfare." The event began at 08:00 WIB with a gathering point at the STIE Ganesha campus, followed by a visit to the site, and concluded back at the campus at 12:00 WIB.

Fisy Amalia, SE., MM., Secretary of the STIE Ganesha Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM), explained that PKM is a requirement for lecturers as part of the Tridarma of Higher Education, which includes teaching, research, and community service. “One of the goals of community service is to apply the knowledge we have to the community. The community and lecturers need each other, synergize, and collaborate,” said Fisy to the media.

Fisy added that PKM participating lecturers are expected to produce research and findings related to MSME Dimsum and cricket farming. Some research topics to be undertaken include: Digital Supply Chain Management in Cricket Farming: Opportunities and Challenges, The Impact of Digitalization on Marketing and Distribution of MSME Products: A Case Study of Dimsum, Financial Analysis of MSME Dimsum in the Digital Era: Facing Changes and Opportunities, Financial Management of MSME Dimsum, Strategies for Increasing MSME Production Capacity through Digital Technology: The Case of Cricket Farming, Training and Development of Human Resources in MSMEs: Focus on Digital Skills for Food Production, Risk Management and Business Resilience in MSMEs: Integration of Digital Technology in the Agriculture and Culinary Sectors, MSME Dimsum HR Analysis, and Financial Analysis of Cricket Farming Business.

Jhandriansyah, a Dimsum entrepreneur and cricket farmer, expressed his gratitude for the lecturers' visit as part of the community service. “What the lecturers conveyed has greatly helped in broadening our horizons and developing our business in terms of knowledge, marketing, operational cost calculation, and financial management,” said Jhandriansyah.

According to Jhandriansyah, guidance and mentoring from STIE Ganesha are essential for business development. “Our capital is strong enthusiasm; without collaboration with all stakeholders, it will not work. We hope our services can assist the lecturers in conducting research and service at our location,” he added.

Meanwhile, PKM Coordinator Tohiroh, SE., MM., stated that this second community service activity was conducted on Jl. Benda Permai III, Kampung Parakan, RT 06 RW 09, Pondok Benda, Pamulang District, South Tangerang. “Cricket farming is an interesting service partner because few people are engaged in it. We are here to provide scientific insights and guide good business and financial management,” said Tohiroh.

On this occasion, Sutariyono, S.SI., M.M., a lecturer from the S1 Management Study Program at STIE Ganesha, presented on Modern Cricket Farming Management and Stages. According to him, the benefits of crickets for bird feed, fishing bait, and high-nutrition dishes make cricket farming a highly prospective business with selling prices reaching more than Rp. 90,000 per kilogram.

With the spirit of collaboration and dedication, STIE Ganesha is committed to continuously making a positive impact through community service programs that benefit MSMEs and the broader community.